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Welcome to the learning module for the Accessible Employment Standard!


Many organizations already have measures and practices in place to ensure fairness in the workplace. This learning module will assist you in applying an accessibility lens to your human resource practices, whether these are formalized and on paper, or are a matter of common practice.

By law, Manitoba organizations are required to provide accommodations in employment. Understanding the law means knowing how it applies to your organization. For further information, please visit (opens in new tab).

Accessible Employment Standard

Section 1:
Key Features and Module Overview
Section 2:
Manitoba’s Accessibility Law Affecting Employment
Section 3:
Creating an Accessible Hiring Process
Section 4:
Maintaining an Accessible Workplace, Part 1
Section 5:
Maintaining an Accessible Workplace, Part 2
Section 6:
Continuing Your Learning


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Additional Learning Resources

To complement this module, we have created the Accessible Employment’s Facilitator’s Guide for group learning.

In addition to providing employees training on the accessibility policies and procedures of your organization, this guide is designed to support organizations and businesses in meeting the training requirements of the Accessibility Standard for Employment in a group setting.

Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)